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Here’s What’s Inside The Superstar SEO Academy:
Step #1: Setting The Foundation
  • Nailing the foundation of your website
  • Ninja keyword research tips
  • Endless content creation hacks
  • ​How to optimize your website content & pages
Step #2: Website Design & Development
  • How to set up a perfect Wordpress site
  • The key analytics to track & the apps that help you do that
  • Home page set-up intensive
  • ​9-part series on “How to optimize your website & page speed” (*important*)
Step #3: On-Site SEO
  • On-page SEO checklist (and video walkthrough)
  • Home page vs Inner page SEO
  • ​How internal & external link pass authority and skyrocket your SEO
  • ​EMD & PMD
  • ​How to spy on your competitors so you can OUTRANK them
  • ​How to silo your site in 5 easy steps
Step #4: Link Building
  • The ultimate link building guide
  • ​What is a PBN and why you NEED to be using them this way…
  • ​Having your own PBN vs Buying PBN’s
  • ​How to find the most powerful domains to link to your site
  • ​Restoring a PBN with Serped and
  • ​Ahrefs content explorer guide
  • ​Guest post outreach hacks
Step #5: Lead Generation
  • 5 unorthodox ways to bring in a flood of leads through search traffic
  • ​Home page setup - continued
  • ​How to create a pop-up that converts
  • ​Setting up a toll-free numbers & sales team
  • ​Wayback & URLs - best practices
Step #6: Google Maps Mastery
  • N.A.P. secrets​
  • ​Google My Business setup A to Z
  • ​Geo-tagging images
  • ​GMB posts & secret settings
  • ​Setting up Apple Maps for voice search
  • ​Implementing local business schema
  • ​How to OUTSOURCE citation building
  • ​Getting links from Web 2.0 properties
  • ​Google Maps stacking with Iman Shafiei
Step #7: Start Your Own SEO Agency
  • Superstar SEO ranking checklist
  • ​How to get clients
  • ​Creating video audits to close big clients
  • ​How to set up your agency site
  • ​Getting clients from Google
  • ​10-part cold calling & emailing series
  • ​LinkedIn ads secrets
  • ​How to host in-person Chamber of Commerce trainings that close clients
  • ​How to hire a virtual assistant (this makes your life 10X easier)

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Frequently Asked Questions
❓ What’s included in this offer?
Step #1: Setting The Foundation
Step #2: Website Design & Development
Step #3: On-Site SEO
Step #4: Link Building
Step #5: Lead Generation
Step #6: Google Maps Mastery
Step #7: Start Your Own SEO Agency

Plus TONS other super-advanced SEO tips and tricks that are guaranteed to rank ANY site fast… And that’s WITHOUT even touching on all the e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and other bonus material I’ve thrown in there for you.
❓ Who is this for?
This is for anyone interested in marketing, business growth, and SEO that wants to add a competitive advantage to their business in terms of authority, website traffic, and client-getting.
❓ How is this different from anything else?
Superstar SEO Academy is based on real-time, traceable SEO results. It is updated monthly and/or as frequently needed to provide our students and clients with the latest on Google’s algorithm changes.
❓ Is there a guarantee?
Yes, if you’re not happy after 7 days, just let us know and we’ll cancel your order so you're never billed a single penny
* Always invest at your own risk. Any investment has a risk of loss. Nothing in the Superstar SEO should be construed as personal investment advice and you should always consult an expert regarding your specific situation.

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